While not known for their speed, our two giant Aldabra tortoises and one smaller Radiated tortoise, have recently made a significant journey in our Resort, with the relocation of their Tortoise Garden to next to the Spa. Now able to explore the rolling garden terrain and take a soak in their dedicated tortoise pond, our three treasured Resort residents are able to be viewed by guests walking along the foot bridge up to the lobby.

Following a recent visit by Turtle Action Group Seychelles (TAGS), the tortoises are found to be very settled in their new home and continue to prove that they are fond of human interaction. Guests can visit the Tortoise Garden to view the tortoises at any time of day and will likely often see the creatures feeding on some of their favourite foods of leaves, grass and fruit and vegetable peelings.

Did you know?

Both of the Aldabra tortoises are females and differ from the male species by being slightly smaller in size (growing to be up to 160kg), having a shorter tail and having a flat, rather than concave underside.

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