Whether fighting jetlag, looking to disconnect from a stressful routine or simply needing to reset sleeping habits, our overwater Spa has the ideal treatment to align the body’s sleeping cycle. In partnership with the organic products of Terres d’Afrique, the new, 80 minute Sleep Improvement Ritual is designed to help de-stress and reconnect the body and mind for better sleep.

Structured around guided meditation, this unique ritual allows guests to open their minds to the healing properties of sound therapy, whereby gentle chimes and rain sticks provide aural healing as aromatherapy soothes through touch. Acupressure is used to stimulate the pineal gland, which produces melatonin needed for a healthy sleep cycle.

“The power of sleep is so often underrated,” says Constance Chapalain, Regional Spa Director at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita. “With the fast pace that most people operate at on a day to day, sleeping time is frequently reduced or disrupted as we work to juggle the different commitments of our personal and work lives. This new Sleep Improvement Ritual allows dedicated time to focus on our natural sleep cycle – an imperative part of our health and wellbeing. Regular, quality sleep is one of the best things we can offer to ourselves for our energy levels, diet, moods and general wellness and we hope that many people will benefit from improved sleep following experiencing this ritual.”

An optional 20 minute extension of vibrational sound therapy is also available to aid deep relaxation – a key element in resetting the body’s biological clock.

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