Located in one of the island’s largest lagoons, Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita is no stranger to appreciating the importance and beauty of the ocean, with the Resort now celebrating two years of partnership with global marine conservation and education specialist, WiseOceans.

Through a Marine Discovery Programme, guests of the Resort are able to learn about the marine creatures of the surrounding waters in guided snorkelling excursions with onsite Marine Educator Rick Bonnier, or simply through engaging in marine life conversation at the WiseOceans picnic table on Bambou Beach.

As one of the first Resorts in Mauritius to provide onsite marine education to guests, Four Seasons and WiseOceans have worked to establish a greater understanding of the importance of a healthy ocean. Highlights achieved by the programme over the past two years include:

  • 721 guests joining educational and engaging guided snorkels
  • 177 snorkels conducted on the reef in the nearby lagoon, teaching guests about the creatures that live there
  • 20 snorkels conducted in the mangroves surrounding the Resort, allowing guests to discover about a diverse marine habitat that is often lesser well-known
  • Participation in several local workshops and events, plus visits from local school children to learn about the lagoon’s marine life
  • Attendance at the African Marine Waste Conference in South Africa to represent Mauritius in discussions about the problem of plastics in our ocean

Rick says:  “With the support of the Resort, every day I share my knowledge of our marine environment here in Mauritius with a new audience, whether I am talking with a Resort guest, a member of staff, or even out in the local community. Taking guests on guided snorkels allows me to introduce people to our wonderful marine life, in the mangroves and on the reefs, and explain to them how and why these environments are so special. This is both a privilege for me and a memorable experience for Resort guests, inspiring them to care about the oceans and to want to protect our marine environment as much as I do.”

The Resort’s Marine Discovery Programme is designed to enhance guests’ knowledge through dedicated programmes of marine-based activities that highlight the significant role coral reefs and mangroves play in the marine environment. As part of the Resort’s wider Environmental Conservation Programme, WiseOceans also carries out continuous screening of the coral reefs’ health in the surrounding lagoon, with all collected data being submitted to global databases on an ongoing basis.

WiseOceans is a global marine conservation and education company that employs three core strategies, striving towards a global future with healthier oceans: to educate, to conserve and to involve. With world-class ocean outreach activities and innovative restoration projects, WiseOceans was founded in 2011 on the belief that education is the way to achieve conservation of our oceans in the long-term.

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